Product Care

In general, standard time frame for repairs and services is an average of 6 months.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your watch functions correctly. The lubrication in the movement parts will deteriorates and eventually dries up after certain time. When it happens, friction will generate and thus affect the precision in telling time. If your watch is noticeably fast or slow, the movement / mechanism may need to be serviced. Aging of gasket in particular will also adversely affect the water-resistance of a watch.

-Mechanical Watches-

We strongly recommend you to send your mechanical watch for servicing at least every three years to optimize the reliability and well-functioning of your valuable timepiece.

-Quartz Watches-

We strongly recommend you to send your quartz watch for battery replacement at least every 12 to 15 months to prevent acid leakage that could damage the movement. We do not recommend trying to replace the battery yourself, as the internal movement can be damaged in the process.

-Strap Replacement-

Due to rubbing and general wear and tear, your watch band / strap undergo a normal wearing process that affects their strength and shine. You can also create a new look by replacing your watch band/straps to other colours and styles for a unique customization.

To determine which band / strap size you need, measure the dimension in (mm) between the lugs on your watch case. Pick your style from our wide selection of genuine leather, rubber, nylon and bracelet band / strap.

-Parts Replacement-

Damaged watch to lose the purpose of life as a watch? We have a technical team which is specialize a variety of watch parts such as Crown / Stem / Gasket / Pin / Screw / Spring Bar / Crystal Stone etc for replacement. 

For quotation, bring along your watch to your nearest Vincent Watch Boutique for assessment or call to enquire about this service.